Multi Tier Shelving Guide


Real Estate is at a premium nowadays. Be it residential areas or a warehouse. Buying new land for extending your capacities can be really expensive. Well, there are instances when it is pretty much unavoidable. However under most of the circumstances as far as warehousing is concerned things can be managed to a great extent. Multi-Tier shelving is really something that one can consider if increasing the cubic capacity of the warehouse is the prime motive.

See it’s natural also, with time business is bound to grow. There is no point in conducting business if it is not growing and becoming more efficient. Growth means expanding capacities when the capacities are increased it is obvious that you would need more space to store your goods. This is one classical example of where one might need multi tier shelving. Multi tier shelving is a great way of expanding the cubic capacity of your existing warehouse.

What is Multi Tier Racking System?

Multi Tier shelving and racking system is a large structure of steel. In a broad view, it’s the shelving done at multiple levels. The materials used to construct the system are similar and so is the engineering involved. This type of shelving is best suited to medium and large-sized warehouses. It is of great utility to that business who have to store lots of SKU’s which have medium turnover. This type of shelving provides storage at multiple levels in a vertical configuration. This naturally allows one to extend their storage capacities without adding any more horizontal space. Hence proving that this style of shelving can increase the cubic space to a great extent. It also allows for minimal wastage of space. Using the system is also pretty convenient and workers can easily navigate their way through if they understand the layout well. Racks and Rollers provide a wide range of decking options to cater to our client’s exact requirements. We build accessories like divide panels, partitions, side plates, which can be used for division of storage areas and levels for stacking multiple products.

Each level can be accessed by stairs main aisles and side aisles as per the need. The accessibility options can be custom build too if needed. Hence providing a complete solution.

Advantages of Multi Tier Racking Systems

There are many advantages associated with multi tier racking systems. This type of racking system can really boost the productivity of the entire system. Mentioned below are some of the best advantages of this system.

  1. This system allows for a massive increase in storage space. In certain cases we have managed to increase the storage space by almost 100%
  2. Every area is accessible every time. This means that many orders can be processed at a given moment of time. This is possible because multi tier shelving allows for multiple storage configurations inside it. Thus providing complete space optimization.
  3. Provides for additional floor space. The floor space gained can then be used for other warehouse operations. This, in turn, increases the efficiency of the entire setup.

Why Go For Racks and Rollers?

Racks and Rollers can be your best partner for providing the best multi tier racking solution in India. We have the expertise and infrastructure to provide our clients with the most efficient solution. There are numerous projects which we have completed successfully. Just give us a call to know more.


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