Slotted Angle Shelving

Slotted Angle Shelving is the one of the most versatile and low-cost storage solution for light goods ever made. The shelves can be totally dismantled and reassembled easily with the use of just a manual wrench. The system is highly durable, strong, adjustable and comes in various lengths, heights, and combinations. SAS is probably the simplest storage solution ever made for manual storage of light goods. Its height and length can be easily expanded or contracted. With around 300 kg of load bearing capacity, slotted angle shelves are ideal for those looking for simple and economical storage systems.

Using the multiple bolts and combinations, these shelves can be adjusted manually for any goods of any kind of size, length and height. They can be even turned into tables or benches. The system comes with many accessories that further add to your comfort and ease of using the shelves. Doors, drawers and dividers can be installed to customize the shelves according to your personal use. Such is the versatility of the downright simple and popular Slotted Angle Shelving system.

SAS system contains of perforated angles and shelves that are bolted together. Workshops, stores, warehouses, offices, shops etc. use this type of storage for light and medium duty goods. You can also find these shelves in libraries. Anyone can assemble & disassemble SAS with ease and speed. It is a reasonable, sturdy, flexible and widely used system with numerous applications.

The best feature of Slotted Angle Shelving is that it is fairly low cost yet super rich in quality. The biggest quality that it possesses is its simplicity. It also saves a lot of space due to its highly adjustable nature that fits almost everywhere. Extra shelves can be added for more storage space. Moreover, intermediate aisles and gangways can be introduced to expand the utilization of space in the warehouse.

Available as MUTLI-TIER SYSTEM also

Racks and Rollers is equipped to provide Multi-Tier Slotted Angle Shelving Systems with multiple flooring options.

Main Features

Shelf height is adjustable to a high extent unlike any other system.

Designed for manual storage/picking of light goods.
Its highly adjustable structure comes with accessories to help it fit anywhere thus saving significant space.
Slotted Angle Shelves are sturdy, durable and super rich in quality.




Warehouses with light goods that can be manually stored.


Warehouses with palletized loads.

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