Corporate Social Responsibility

Every organization should be doing a lot of charitable and social welfare works in order to give something back to the community and society; Corporate Social Responsibility forms a part of that humanitarian action. We are of the opinion that the essence of being an Industrial entity is in giving back to the society to the maximum extent possible. Be it in the form of providing multiple job opportunities for the people or in the form of aiding the education of the needy and deserving students.

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating.
Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

Kofi Annan, Former Secretary General United Nations

Our team is committed to returning back to the society by empowering education, knowledge and skill sets to the young and old. We believe that the only way of improving the society is empowering knowledge to the society. We have seen nations and tribes prosper when education is an integral part of the society and perish when not taken forward systematically. Education creates rosey pathway to a happy and successful society, and we are here to contribute to the society.

We specialize in identifying talent from all sections of the society, especially the deprived and the needy, and pledges its commitment towards them. Financially challenged groups from the lowest rungs of the social ladder can now find a benevolent patron, in Racks and Rollers. The organization fulfills its social commitments in a two-pronged manner.

Our organization along with our team is committed to bringing out talented individuals from the underprivileged sections of the society and support them by providing financial aid until whatever level of education they want to pursue. Finally, these accomplished students in the relevant fields of engineering and technology or belonging to any other streams can be incorporated into the professional ambiance of Racks and Rollers itself. Thus the team doesn’t stop its benevolence till the required education is achieved by the needy children but also ensures about their employment opportunities.

Even people from the weaker sections of the society who have no intent to further their education may yet find their humanitarian backer and philanthropist in Racks and Rollers. The organization is also invested in helping those people to get employed in various fields of the profession whether that be internally or any other company. All we do is just scrutinize the zeal of the person to succeed in life. If we find that then, we are bound to help that individual become self-sustained.

Racks and Rollers always extends its supporting hands towards fostering the education of the necessitous and also nurturing their aspirations and finally ensuring their employment in their desired fields.

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