Pallet Flow Racking

Pallet Flow Racking (PFR) is a highly compact storage system that helps in superb stock rotation all thanks to gravity. The rack structure of PFR is made of rollers placed on a slanted surface that let pallets smoothly slide over them. The pallet loads are stored from one end and retrieved from another end which means this system follows First In First Out (FIFO) inventory management principle.

The PFR makes an excellent use of a free natural resource i.e. gravity to save a much costlier resource i.e. energy. In our system, the pallets are loaded from the highest point of a lane at the rear end of the rack. The pallets then slide over to the lowest point of the lane at the front end of the rack under the influence of gravity. It is like a conveyor system that works solely on the free force of gravity.

The pallets that are loaded from the back are the first ones to be removed from the front. Once a pallet has been picked off the rack, the next one automatically takes its place.

The greatest advantage of this racking system is the amount of turnaround time being saved. Also, this system is highly efficient and productive as there are two separate aisles for loading and unloading. This clear separation of aisles leaves no room for interruptions between loading and unloading operations and thus maximizes productivity. By eliminating the need of other unwanted aisles, PFR also opens up 60% more storage space and proves to be exceptionally cost effective.

Pallet flow racking is efficient, safe and reliable and gives easy access to all your stock. Warehouses with perishable goods or quick turnover goods prefer this kind of storage system.

Main Features

It is designed primarily to incorporate fast rotation along with racking.

Minimised need of high-end material handling equipment, eliminates unnecessary internal transport and saves costs.

Removal of aisle space between racks makes the system extremely storage compact.

Reduction in loading and unloading operation scales down the manpower necessary for operation.

Easy to integrate in any type of storage solution.

Can be customised to suit any requirement – for example: storage, intermediate warehouse or dispatch area.




Warehouses with heavy throughput.



Warehouses with small area and
low throughput.

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