Project Commissioning

Project Commissioning is more than just a service. It is a promise of quality and integrity of all material that is delivered to the client. Right from the designing of the product to its full and final delivery, every step in the project is constantly and carefully monitored and supervised by a team of experts. With a commitment to ensure 100% safety, stability and quality of all the elements included in the project, we make sure not a single bolt is left uninspected.

The process of project commissioning includes supervision of the designing of product, inspection of the materials acquired, monitoring the manufacturing and construction process, and analysis of the final assembly of the system. The assurance that the quality and strength of the product is never compromised with, is at the core of our service. Every single component is first, double checked and then, dispatched ensuring that the correct quantity and the finest quality is delivered to the client. Even the transportation of the material is closely kept an eye on to make sure that the material is delivered at the required site in the appropriate time without any fault. Final checks are also performed before handing over the material to the client.

However, the successful delivery of materials does not mark the end of project commissioning. The installation of the product is also monitored and supervised by a special team of qualified engineers who guarantee that safety and stability is maintained throughout the installation process.

The aim of project commissioning is to relieve the client of any safety, stability and reliability concern regarding the product. As each part and accessory of the product is carefully designed, manufactured, inspected, tested, delivered and installed through scientific techniques and standard check procedures, there is no room for any doubt in quality. Project commissioning is in fact, the best and the most efficient way to obtain maximum benefit from a product without undergoing any effort by offloading it to a storage solution company.

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