Bringing world class services to our client’s table is the core foundation of all our actions at Racks and Rollers. Our paramount services begin as soon as we say hello to the client and never really cease to exist even if the project does.

With a spirit of providing excellent pre-sale and after sale services, and a vision of forging lifelong bonds with our clients, we place immense value in every relation we build here at work.

Pre-Sales Services

At Racks and Rollers, we begin with an in depth understanding of our client’s requirements right from the root level, overseen by a proficient team that holds an expertise in designing excellent storage solutions. After a diligent scrutiny of all the crucial factors that play a decisive role in the decision-making process, a viable and fitting solution is recommended to the client. The factors considered can be, for example,

These system solutions emerge from a vision to help each business grow as a whole on a macro level (rather than just solving the problem at hand) and a process that includes rigorous study of the client’s business, the product in question, and all the aforementioned warehouse factors.

Every solution recommended by us comes from the collaborative effort of members of a highly dedicated team who are united by a passion for making innovative economical storage solutions available to everyone in the world.

We take painstaking effort in delivering an excellent product that is personalised for every client such that it fits their budget, optimises their work flow and fulfils each of their requirements. We do this by optimising our designs to curtail time taken for loading and unloading/storage and retrieval and thus pushing for faster order picking. Every little component of our proposed design is created by keeping in mind the need for maximising space utilization. All this is done while focusing on the ‘economical’ part of the solution i.e. reducing the overall initial and operational costs through building a sustainable solution. As a result, the client’s overall warehouse operational efficiency is substantially improved making way for seamless and easier stock rotation.

After Sales Services

Our after sales services stem from the core mission that is at the heart of our organisation- the mission of delivering value in the form of service. These after sales services are a precursor to forging long lasting relationships with our clients based on a strong foundation of trust and goodwill. The most basic and valuable thing we offer as a part of our excellent customer service is timely delivery. We value our clients’ time and push our limits to deliver the right solution at the right time.

Another key factor for the timely completion of a project is its smooth execution. To achieve this, we appoint a team of exceptionally qualified personnel that aids the client in correct installation of the storage system. Throughout the project, right from the beginning of work to its completion, we grab every opportunity to vest our clients with absolute transparency of what is happening, be it the delivery of materials, merchandising, after sales safety audits, or system installation.

In conjunction with the above, Racks and Rollers also offers exclusive training to the labours who are going to work day in and day out with our storage systems, explaining them the right methods of storing and retrieving goods in the warehouse. Additional consultation is imparted to help clients implement the best methods to achieve the optimum warehouse efficiency by reducing operation time. We also serve our clients with all the assistance they need in case of relocation. Taking the safety of our clients as an organisational responsibility, we provide constant support, regular awareness of safety rules, and reminders of safety precautions to be taken care of while utilising the system in order to ensure safe and sound operation, least damage of life, and property and zero accidents on site.

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