Long Span Shelving

Long Span Shelving is a perfect medium for storing medium and heavy loads. With a high density storage capacity, all the stock in Long Span Shelving is exposed to direct access. You can use it to store packets, archive files, totes, boxes or loose goods. This storage system can be found mostly in garages, offices, stores and of course, warehouses. Being a highly versatile system, it can bear various intensities of loads. Based on your product requirements, you can choose any suitable structure.

Long Span Shelving comes in beams, shelves and a combination structure. The beams are horizontal, adaptable and are connected to the upright column. The beams are what support the shelves and loads. In garments storage, the beams come in rod shape to support hangers. Items like tyres and wheels are directly stored on the beams instead of shelves. The beams are the most important part in this system as they provide rigidity to the whole structure. They are also adjustable at a pitch of 50 mm.

Very easy to install, Long Span Shelving is portable, flexible and adjustable to a great extent. The shelves can be up to 15 m high with the possibility of installing walkways to access the upper levels. In this case, the structure is known as multi-tier shelving. The levels of the shelves can also be conveniently adjusted. The numerous accessories that come with this system is what makes it a favourite storage solution for a wide variety of goods.

Long Span allows for manual product storing and picking on lower levels. Ideal for storing bulky or long goods, this storage system comes in a wide array of height, width and depth to adjust to different space configurations. It is actually an enhanced version of Slotted Angle Shelving with longer spans, more depths and higher load capacities.

Available as MUTLI-TIER SYSTEM also

Racks and Rollers is equipped to provide Multi-Tier Long Span Shelving Systems with multiple flooring options.

Main Features

Made for storing medium and heavy loads with components to make the system adapt to your needs.

Adjustable for different load capacities and intensities.

Shelves can be up to 15 m high with the option of making it a multi-tier storage.

It is easy-to-assemble and dismantle which gives it super portable qualities.




Medium and heavy loads with high turnover and loads that require manual handling.


Light duty loads which are smaller in size.

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