Rack Inspections

Since racks are the fundamental support system for safe and proper storage of goods, no business can afford to take their rack inspections lightly. It is only natural that frequent storage and retrieval of goods will lead to consequent wear and tear of the racks. This is why regular rack inspections are imperative to ensure the safety of stored material and more importantly, the safety of human life.

Regular rack inspections are now legally mandatory for every company to reinforce safety regulations for the sake of the employees. We offer a meticulous rack inspection service carried out by a specialised team dedicated to this purpose. Our team is equipped with all the necessary tools, knowledge and expertise to perform an accurate quality check of racks. A team of certified professionals accompanied by independent experts visit the premises in operational time to assess the rack conditions without interrupting the operations of the warehouse. Every single rack and shelf is checked thoroughly for any signs of structural damage, stability deficiency, capacity misuse or handling discrepancy. Our team makes sure that workers are well aware of the proper usage of racks for storing and picking of material. All clips, uprights, beams, columns, and fasteners are checked and inspected for damage. Load bearing signs are also put up on every rack by our team as a helpful reminder and safety measure.

Post a comprehensive inspection, our team prepares a detailed report marking which racks need repair and when. In case any rack is found to be a serious threat to human life and property, our team instantly alerts the staff authorities to discard the rack immediately from the premises. Our rack inspection service also includes constant consultation between various inspection visits. Rack inspections has unimaginable benefits that save businesses from huge losses and unbearable future costs, not to mention the unfortunate accidents. Businesses that hold these inspections from time to time, end up in increasing the life of their racks, safeguarding costly goods and the lives of their valuable human resources, saving themselves from unforeseen legal costs and obligations caused by on site accidents, and finding out problems in their racks before it’s either too late or too costly to repair them.


Green Risk
Orange Risk
Red Risk

Inspection Criterion

Determine the vertical level of the installed frame along its face.

Access the impact of damages along its face.

Access the damage along the length side of the upright channel.

Check the deflection and damage to the bracing of the trussed frame.

Permanent deformation in the beam due to overloads

Accidental hits on the beam resulting in damage of beams.

Accessing the fatigue and fracture to the welding.

Inspect the connector for damage due to fatigue or accidental hits.

Evaluate the deflection in the beam at desired payload.

Check for proper tension of fasteners.

Gauge the down aisle and cross aisle tolerance of aisles.

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