Merge & Sort

Conveyor & Sortation Systems are a great way to sort, divert, route, merge, collect, consolidate and distribute products precisely and continuously with maximum efficiency. They require almost minimal human effort and are thus extremely cost efficient. The automated systems ensure high accuracy as well as the least damage to goods carried by them. It is also a tremendously time saving method of sorting and collecting products flowing from different in-feed conveyors and channelling them into sortation conveyors for further accurate distribution. This combination of collection and sortation conveyor systems is process driven and can be easily customized to suit the different product specs and distribution needs.


Collection conveyors put products coming from different streams into a single stream in a neatly organised and orderly way. It is a fast, precise and efficient technique of ensuring the proper flow of products from production units to further processing units, palletizing operations, picking stations, dispatching lanes and shipping stations. With ample gap between products and good speed, the collection conveyor system is highly productive with negligible room for errors. The huge amount of manpower that the sortation system saves can instead be put to better use for supervision of assembly line.

Sortation conveyors help in quick and precise distribution of products. They enable quick and error free separation of products coming from collection conveyors in order to take them further ahead to their respective distribution lanes. With speed and space between the products, this system is a highly preferred automated method to double your logistics efficiency.

Our collection and sortation systems are highly productive and versatile. They are specially designed to accommodate each and every product specification accurately. A wide range of product sizes, weights and configurations can be used without hesitation on these systems for accurate distribution with the assistance of accessories.

Main Features

Automated collection and sortation of products results in better and accurate distribution.

Automation and minimal human effort leads to faster and efficient operations thus increasing productivity.

Wide range of product sizes and weights can be accommodated.

Collection and sortation systems provide an efficient way to organise the flow of products.




Warehouses with high quantity of products that need to be sorted.


Warehouses with less quantity of heavy-duty loads.

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