ASRS with Shuttle

Shuttle based FRS (Fast Rotation Systems) is a fully automated solution for storage of goods. Like radio shuttle racking system, this system also uses a shuttle (a platform that carries load) or a fleet of shuttles that run on tracks in between the racking system. These shuttles are perfectly capable of storing goods deep into the shelves which is why they are highly suited for warehouses with ultra-compact storage. The shuttle starts from one end of the rack, picks up/drops the load and returns to the same end.

A shuttle can either run on a single level or shift between multiple levels with the help of a lift located at the end of a row. Shuttle system is a highly efficient technique of operating in dense storage setups. The shuttles operate on batteries and are smart enough to recharge themselves when needed. There are even buffer shuttles which automatically take place of those that are facing downtime, and hence make the entire system redundant. By eliminating the need of aisles for forklifts and humans, a huge amount of space is saved and optimised for better use, thus making it a cost-effective solution as well.

FRS with Shuttles is a risk free and fast storage solution for warehouses where high density with automation is required. FRS is also a preferred choice where efficiency and time are the most important factors in warehouse operation and organisations do not mind making huge investments for increased efficiency and higher throughput. FRS Shuttles are quite flexible and adaptable. They are capable of carrying loads of varying sizes and weights. They are scalable to multiple levels as well. No matter what type of space you have, shuttles can fit anywhere and carry out your loading/unloading operations with maximum speed and minimum risk.

Since the whole system is controlled by a software, chances of unauthorised access are minimised greatly.

Main Features

Automated storage/retrieval of goods lead to greater productivity.

Stacker cranes can reach good heights thus making use of earlier unused space.
The whole system is smooth and carries heavy loads at a great speed and efficiency.

Can be easily adapted to different load requirements.




Warehouses with high intensity inventory operations.


Warehouses with low intensity of store/pick operations.

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