Vertical Goods Lift

A multi-tier storage structure creates an inevitable demand for a smooth, safe and consistent flow of goods between different levels. For this purpose, a vertical goods lift is what comes to the rescue. It is a strong, sturdy and safe material handling equipment that aids in the seamless movement of loads from one level to another. With one side affixed to the wall, a VGL is open for loading/unloading from three sides with the additional support of a closed railing that ensures the safety of men and material carried by the lift.

Equipped with an astonishing weight bearing capacity that ranges from 500 kgs to 5000 kgs, the vertical goods lift is perfectly adept at fluently transporting men and material between all levels of a multi-tier structure.

There are many types of goods lift:

  • Hydraulic Goods
  • Mechanical Pulley
  • Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor

Vertical goods lift or hydraulic freight elevator as it is known in technical terms is an infrastructural facility primarily used for the ease of material handling. Our vertical goods lift provide complete ease of movement of goods in and around the warehouse or storage facility. Basically, its an enclosed system consisting of two columns of trays with inserter and extractor units in the center. Our vertical lift module system can automatically pick or put a piece of a good/product just at a push of a button. It can also move the same good from one area to another with ease. The well-designed pickup window allows for workers to pick up the extracted goods easily too.

This system reduces the human walk time for moving goods in the warehouse. Our clients in general experience a 25% productivity boost by the installation of this system.

Our vertical goods lift is available in various heights and platform sizes and can be constructed and deployed depending upon the exact requirement of the client. Our systems can save floor space, this means our clients get higher levels of productivity from day one. This system also ensures that maximum product density is maintained in the storage area without any wastage.

Main Features

Can be customised for all types of operations

Can be used to move inventory across the levels

They increase the pace of movement of inventory.

Increases Productivity




Low and medium throughput multi floor operations


High throughput and continuous operations warehouse

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