Temperature controlled Warehouse

While some goods can be conveniently stored under normal climatic conditions, others require a specific temperature-controlled environment without which they run the risk of getting severely damaged. Perishable goods and medical goods fall under this category.

As food and medicines are easily affected by temperature and humidity variations and can become ineffective or detrimental to consume if exposed to a hostile environment, it is vital for businesses to install these warehouses to prevent the products from getting spoiled.

With the aid of a strict and faultless system that sets, maintains, and controls the temperature and humidity of the warehouse within a predetermined range, the goods can be stored without having to fret over preserving their quality. Temperature Controlled Warehouses come with an integrated guarded system that helps clients to carefully manage, control and monitor the temperature settings of the warehouse. The system is also equipped with a security alarm that alerts the staff and respective authorities in case of any unexpected temperature deviations so that the imperative actions can be taken in time.

To expand their scope of utility and for multiple warehouse applications, Temperature Controlled Warehouses can adapt to a range of settings like dry, refrigerated, air conditioned and frozen. Specifically designed for safe and damage-free storage of temperature sensitive products, these warehouses are generally cold storage solutions with a strict adherence to cold chains. Planned, designed, manufactured and executed by a dedicated team of experts who are specialised in optimising storage systems, these warehouses are created with detailed precision and a sense of responsibility to guard the goods from any temperature fluctuations.

Industries like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, fast moving consumer goods and electronics have been utilizing this state-of-the-art technology to eliminate their storage concerns from decades. These warehouses ensure that product quality remains intact and sensitive goods like perishable ones and medicinal drugs are safeguarded against quality damage.

Main Features

Increases shelf life of materials

Maintain accurate temperature for best quality preservation.

Perfect humidity level for the warehouse

Uses Eco Friendly Refrigerants




Cold Storage and perishable goods


Non-perishable inventory

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