Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking (SPR) is the most widely used storage system all over the world. Thanks to its flexible and economical aspects, SPR is the best choice for huge volumes of palletized goods and wide range of fast-moving SKUs. It is quite easy to construct the SPR system for different pallet sizes and weights like light, medium or heavy loads. The design of SPR can also be modified according to different variants of material handling equipment (MHE).

SPR allows for FIFO i.e. First in First Out inventory control system which means that the first item to go in will be the first one to come out. Selective Pallet Racking is not just exceptionally simple, but it also offers 100% accessibility to every single pallet location. In other words, it enables a user to select a pallet for loading or unloading without affecting the other pallets. The structure is usually made up of two racks placed back to back with the rack depth of one pallet. To utilize more space, the system can be customized for Double Deep pallet racking or Very Narrow Aisle Racking as well. Aisles in this storage system may vary from 1600 mm to 4200 mm relying on the type of MHE used. Although the utilization of storage space is low in SPR system, it saves any additional expense by eliminating the need of special trucks and lifts.

To sum up in a few words, Selective Pallet Racking is a simple, flexible, economical, and easy-to-use system that allows complete access and control of the inventory. Being highly versatile and extremely easy to install, we can say that the SPR system is undeniably the most popular solution for bulk storage of goods. 

Main Features

Every pallet can be directly accessed by an MHE.
Pallets can be stored at any location unrestricted by SKUs.
The system is absolutely modular. Beams can be configured to adjust the height as required.
The simple design allows for simultaneous expandability with the scaling of your SKUs.
Years of evolution of the product ensures superior quality and design showcasing excellent workmanship.

Safety implementation is emphasized, and a comprehensive assembly of all the necessary safety accessories is provided.




Warehouses with wide range of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) and high SKU’s turnover.


Warehouses with high volume of storage and limited number of SKUs (Bulk Storage).

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