Garment on Hangers

The best way to store garments is by letting them hang freely. The Garments on Hangers (GOH) system is specially designed for this purpose. Garments require to be free of wrinkles and that is the reason GOH is an effective way to store garments in warehouses.

It is a modular system that is ideal for easy storage and picking of garments. Used in warehouses, production areas, distribution centres and even retail stores, GOH is a high-density storage solution for all kinds of garments. The shelves in this system can be easily adjusted to suit your garments need, as different sizes of garments may require different storage systems. By using vertical space, GOH system frees up the floor space for other uses. Moreover, all the items become exceptionally easy to access for picking.

The structure of GOH is made of a rail system that runs along the span of the shelf, held in place by brackets attached to columns for support. It comes with different components to customise the system to suit your needs. This system keeps your garments wrinkle-free and also provides 100% accessibility which helps in making the storage and picking processes faster.

GOH provides with ample space between garments and yet maintains high storage capacity. Special materials like sequins, stones, leather, fur and others are not affected by the weight of other garments. Therefore, it perfectly maintains the quality and integrity of your delicate garments in a smart and cost-efficient way. This system is very much preferred by the fashion industry. It is safe and convenient. GOH provides absolute accessibility which makes it quite simple to supervise the humongous storage.

Main Features

High density storage solution designed to store garments wrinkle free by hanging them.

A modular system that consists of rails attached to adjustable brackets.

Minimum handling ensures negligible damage to the garments.

Adjustable for different sizes of garments and storage settings.




Fashion industry with a lot of different SKUs and large stock per SKUs.


Warehouse for wholesale stock.

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