Radio Shuttle

A dynamic, swift and semi-automated machine handling equipment, Radio Shuttle is utilized to store and retrieve items in areas with high intensity palletized storage. These shuttles are powerful robotic devices that transport all types of loads (small, medium and heavy) all the way to the deep ends of racks. Powered by batteries and operated by a remote control, these shuttles are smart, self-chargeable, quick and secure enough to fill/empty an entire channel of goods in a single command.

Radio Shuttles are specially designed to bear and move loads as heavy as 2000 kgs with a quick yet controlled motion to ensure that the load reaches its desired position without any disruptions. Once they store/pick the load in/from their appropriate location, they automatically come back to the end of the rack for further operations. These small robotic machines are unmistakably precise and outstandingly convenient to maintain a compact storage system with least amount of risk, structural damage and human effort.

Armed with excellent safety features like safety tops, rail end stops and pallet centring, all Radio Shuttles are controlled by an integrated networked device that requires the authentication of an authorized person to operate the shuttles. This feature further curtails the risk of illegal operations, misconduct and operational blunders in the warehouse. The use of Radio Shuttle has been known to have a directly proportional relation with lesser operational costs, higher productivity, faster loading/unloading operations and smooth storage cycles.

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