Stackable Pallets

Stackable pallets are an amazing way of storing and transporting loads. As the name says it all, they can be stacked on top of one another, thus making it easier and safer for huge quantities of goods to be stored and transported. Almost all warehouses and shipping companies use stackable pallets to carry loads. Even factories use them to transport items from one point to another. Stackable Pallets are like a solid flat platform with a surface that can safely bear the weight of the loads without letting them fall.

The pallets are generally designed to be quite durable. These pallets are immensely popular in today’s time for storage and transportation of high value products and product that could lose shape or incur damage due to weight stress. These pallets ensure that no excessive load is transferred on the product, hence saving the product from any kind of external or internal damages.

Stackable Pallets are meant to provide maximum stability to material. They are designed to bear the load of other pallets stacked on top of them as well. Every pallet comes with its static load capacity mentioned on it. The static load capacity is the amount of weight a pallet can carry when it is placed at the bottom of a stack. This load includes the weight of all other pallets resting on top of it and the weight of all the goods carried by those pallets (including itself).

Using Stackable Pallets is highly effective as most freight carriers won’t charge extra if the goods are already palletized. Also, since pallets can be stacked on top of each other, they end up using space efficiently. They also reduce the risk of damage of goods because of their capability of maintaining a strong and steady grip to hold heavy loads. They are thus an overall economical and easy storage solution.

Main Features

Pallets are stacked on top of each other thus capable of bearing a large amount of load.

Pallets are generally designed to be Durable upto the static load capacity when places at the bottom of the stack.

Pallets provide a stable way of storing goods and diminish damage.

Pallets are cheap, especially wooden pallets, and save charges that are otherwise taken by freight carriers.




Same sized goods.


Small items like cosmetics, beauty and pharmaceutical products.

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