Warehouse Management Systems

A warehouse management system or WMS is an all-encompassing software system that helps businesses monitor and control their warehouse operations. With the superior motive of weaving efficiency seamlessly into all warehouse operations, WMS is an essential prerequisite to achieving immediate as well as long term business goals.

It is a holistic package of software specifically designed by a team of peerless experts who know the tiniest details and the biggest insights on how to run a warehouse with optimum productivity. The software comes in various sizes to suit the customer’s organisational size and structure. It also comes in various types to match the nature of customer’s business. For example, an electronics business will have a different WMS than a food and beverage business.

Warehouse management system hands the user absolute control of all warehouse operations starting from receiving the goods to their shipping. Customers can access, monitor, manage, control, analyse and even prepare reports regarding different tasks using the WMS. It works in real time and lets the user be in complete charge of what’s happening in the warehouse, no matter where they are located.

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The features of WMS include workflow customization, picking order customization, inventory allocation, inventory tracking, barcode scanning and Put to Light & Pick to Light system integration to optimise inventory operations. The system is also equipped with the ability to generate valuable communication like bills, lists, invoices and even real time notifications with ease, for different parties that a warehouse deals with.

Staff performance can also be closely observed and analysed through the WMS’s labour management function that lets you see which workers are performing better and which are not. On the whole, this system has a plethora of valuable and long-term benefits that justifies its cost. To mention a few of the benefits, after employing a WMS, a business can significantly manage all the information from one place, stay on top of orders and shipments, cut down on errors and damage of goods, save on money, time and human effort, increase accuracy and pace of operations, improve customer service and find areas for improvement for further progress in warehouse management.

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