Conveyor Systems

Conveyor system is an efficient way to facilitate continuous and automatic flow of material from point A to point B. It is a type of MHE (Material handling equipment) used to transport, collect or distribute loads in a warehouse. Conveyor systems are designed for light, medium and heavy-duty loads. They reduce manual labour to a great extent and automate the process of transferring materials from one place to another. A considerable amount of time can be saved by installing a conveyor system that suits your load requirements.

In daily operations, this system comes very handy as it is robust and efficient in the proper handling and transportation of material in an organised way. Conveyor Systems have wide and versatile applications. Different types of conveyor systems are used for different types of loads specs.


Gravity rollers consist of rollers mounted on an inclined plane that let gravity do all the work. Material is either pushed on the bed of rollers or simply placed at the most elevated point of the conveyor. It, then, slides on the bed of rollers under the influence of gravity. Gravity rollers reduce an immense amount of manpower. They are also customisable for different load types and are available in zinc, chrome, rubber, silicon and plastic coating. They also come in stainless steel.


Roller tracks are U shaped conveyor systems which consist of a bed of rollers either made from plastic or nylon. These tracks are used to transport totes, bins, boxes, cartons for picking packing & processing purposes. They not only reduce the manual labour involved but also reduce the cost for movement of goods in the warehouse.


Belt conveyor is a PVC, rubber, cotton or nylon belt that is wrapped around powered drum rollers. As the drum rolls, the belt moves and so does the material loaded on the belt. Belt conveyor usually moves in a straight line and can easily help to change the direction or height of the movement of material. It is a versatile and inexpensive way to convey inconsistently shaped products from one place to another.

Main Features

The conveyor system comes in form of rollers, belts, etc. that allow for automated movement of light, medium and heavy loads.

While the systems do all the transporting work, the staff can supervise the operations easily.

Efficient and safe movement of goods ensured by high standard quality of materials used.

Gravity or electricity takes control of changing the elevation of goods without the need of human effort.




Frequent and large volumes of material transportation that would otherwise be costly and labour intensive.


Heavy duty loads.

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