Is Storage Technologies and Automation an India company?

Yes, Storage Technologies and Automation is an Indian company, taking the Indian brand across to the world.

Why the name Racks and Roller?

Racks and Rollers is a brand name of Storage Technologies and Automation. The terms ‘Racks’ and ‘Rollers’ is used as they form an integral part of the Storage and Automation system.

What is an Aisle?

The space left between 2 Rows of racking or shelving structures, for the movement of MHE is called Aisle. It plays an important while designing the warehouse storage as the storage density is compromised with increased aisle spaces.

What is Span?

The width of a single bay from one frame to another, which is equivalent to the length of the horizontal beam, is simply called the span of a bay.

What is a bay?

One unit of rack consisting of 2 frames and beams to provide for multiples is termed as one bay.

What is the maximum height achievable of racking system?

Maximum height of racking or shelving depends on the type of system chosen for storage. In case of shelving systems, multi-tier storage is possible whereas racking is limited to number of levels that can be accessed by MHE.

How do I know if I need to go for racking or shelving for my warehouse?

Selection and design of a warehouse depends on various factors. The choice of shelving or racking depends on how the goods are stored, whether in pallets or in cartons, bins, totes, etc. Racking is specific to palletised goods warehouse shelving is usually recommended for goods stored in boxes, cartons, totes, etc.

How do I select the right kind of racking or shelving system?

For selection of any kind of racking or shelving, various factors need to be considered.

  1. Size of the warehouse in terms of layout and clear height.
  2. Number of SKUs being stored.
  3. Throughput of a facility per day.
  4. Speed of goods rotation in a period of 3-4 months
  5. Required storage capacity
  6. MHE in use.
  7. Required optimisation of operation time in order to minimise storage and retrieval time, and
  8. Contraction of labour.

What is the maximum weight of pallet, that racking can hold?

Different kinds of racking systems allow for different kinds of weight capacity. For example, pallet racking can hold a maximum of 2500 kg pallet, whereas in drive-in racking the maximum weight capacity will only be up to 1500 kgs or even lower if the warehouse is in a higher seismic zone. You are required to follow the maximum load capacity instructions given along with the supply of structure.

How can I know the maximum weight capacity of the racking system?

We provide labels with every racking system that provide the maximum weight capacity.

How much does racking/shelving cost per sq. ft.?

The cost of racking depends on the load capacity to be provided. The cost increases as the structure must be more stable in case of higher load, and therefore more material would be used in construction. We provide free of charge consultation services to recommend the right type of system for you.

How can I make the best use of the storage area available to me instead of procuring more land?

We recommend going for vertical expansion, to reduce costs. A mezzanine floor or a multi-tier structure is best suited for making maximum utilisation of the area available at hand. A mezzanine floor can also be uninstalled and moved to a different location, therefore saving costs for the long run.

Are there any special considerations given to flooring for racking structures?

Yes, it is very important to have the right thickness and strength to the floor. It is better to consult with our consultants to know what is the right kind of flooring specifications that need to be considered. In case of VNA pallet racking it is very important that the surface of the floor is smooth and has no unwanted irregularities over the surface. Whereas, in case of rack supported structures the thickness of the floor increases with the height of rack supported structure.

Can a racking structure be built up to the ceiling of the warehouse?

No, a structure cannot be extended up till the top height of the shed as atleast a space of 1.5 meters is required to be left from the lowest point of the shed for safety concerns, roof ventilation and sprinkler system.

How is racking/shelving made stable?

There are several methods in which a racking/shelving structure is made stable. Some are listed below:

  1. The structure is grouted to the floor.
  2. The components are joined and secured together using nuts and bolts.
  3. Frame, top beam, row and wall connectors are all used to add to stability.

Why do racks need inspection?

Rack inspection are done to analyse the parts of a racking/shelving structure that need to be replaced or repaired. It is best to get the racks inspected to prevent any accidents from occurring.

How frequently do I need to get the racks inspected?

It is recommended to get the racks inspected every 6-8 months. If any damage has been noticed, the same shall be notified to the racking manufacturer at the earliest possible.

How is the Aisle space calculated?

Aisle width depends only on the type of MHE to be used,

MHE TypeWorking Aisle WidthMax Achievable Height
Counterbalance Diesel Forklift3500 – 5000 mm5 meters
Counterbalance Electric forklift3000 – 3500 mm6 meters
Reach truck2800 – 3200 mm12 meters
Articulated Forklift2000 – 2600 mm8 meters
Turret Truck (VNA Truck)1800 – 2200 mm18 meters
Stacker Crane1500 – 2000 mm40 meters

How is racking different from shelving?

Racking is ideally the recommended storage solution for palletised goods. Shelving on the other hand is provided for goods that are stored in cartons, boxes, bins, totes or loose pieces. There are various kinds of systems available, selection is done after considering several factors.

How can automation be implemented in racking/shelving infrastructure?

There are many solutions provided to automate the storage and retrieval process. We offer semi-automated systems like sortation systems, pick to light, put to light or completely automated systems like ASRS Cranes. It is best to speak to a consultant for efficient design of the warehouse.

Why do I need to implement automation in warehouse?

Automation of warehouse increases the operation efficiency by 50 – 80%. As the end-consumer demand faster deliveries, automation provides the feasibility of utilising maximum area available and speeds up the entire process of storage and retrieval. Though the initial investment costs are high, the ROI is within 3 to 5 years, as the business grows.

What is SKU?

SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit, it is identity number assigned to every type of products along with details such as size, colour, dimensions, weight and other properties that make a product different from others. It is used when a storage facility has to house a large number of products, this provides as a reference to one kind of product.

What is MHE?

MHE stands for Material handling equipment. It is the vehicle that is used to carry palletised goods inside the warehouse. There are various types of MHEs available listed as below:

  1. Counterbalance Diesel Forklift
  2. Counterbalance Electric forklift
  3. Reach truck
  4. Articulated Forklift
  5. Turret Truck (VNA Truck)
  6. Stacker Crane

What is Radio Shuttle?

Radio Shuttle also known as pallet runner is a type of industrial robot that runs on a channel to store and retrieve pallets. It is a high-density storage system which makes maximum use of the storage space available. It also helps achieve higher efficiency and higher throughput.

What is time required for installation?

Time required for installation depends on the size of a project. Our team works tirelessly to deliver the systems in shortest time possible.

Why do I need racking/shelving systems?

Racking and shelving systems are used to provide organised storage. Increasing the storage space vertically helps in cost reduction as well as maintain an organised throughput. It provides the convenience of allocating a certain storage location to a specific SKU for ease of access.

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