Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is a highly ideal storage system for products of varying length materials. From light duty goods to heavy duty goods, from PVC pipes to heavy steel coils, goods of all variety of loads and lengths can be conveniently and safely stored in this system. Cantilever system is specially designed for storing long items like pipes, beams, wooden planks, tubes, metal sheets, furniture and other things.

The cantilever system has a robust and sturdy structure that is made of horizontal and vertical beams, that aim at providing stability to long and heavy goods, and horizontal arms that support the weight of the load after it is placed on them. This system comes with very few components which makes it extremely easy to assemble. The multiple number of accessories that assist the cantilever system enables you to customize it for different load requirements.

Not only is it highly versatile, but it also forms a safe and organised form of storage. Equipped with safety components such as safety pins, safety stops, braces etc., cantilever storage is an assured way to store uneven long and heavy goods. The columns used in the system are of fine quality and possess immense load bearing capacity. Cantilever racks can be used as single sided (stacked against the wall so that only one face is accessible on entering an aisle) or double-sided racks (stacked against each other back to back so that two faces can be accessed on entering an aisle).

For more space saving, the cantilever system can be turned into a mobile based system with high density storage. A mobile based system is when the racks are mounted on a wheel-based structure that allows the racks to smoothly slide on rails installed in the floor. By removing all aisles except one, mobile cantilever system ensures maximum utilization of space.

Cantilever Racks are ideally suited for goods that require negligible interruptions in the loading/unloading operations.


  • Bar and Pipe Racks
  • Light Duty (for manually handled loads)
  • Medium Duty (for loads handled with MHEs)
  • Heavy Duty (for loads handled automatically)
  • Furniture

Main Features

Ideal storage for long and bulky goods, especially of varying length.

Adjusts to different load weights and heights.

Robust structure made of high-quality profiles provides strength and protection against damages.

Can be integrated in any warehouse and can also be turned into mobile rack.




Goods with lengths and loads like beams, metal sheets, plastic sheets, pipes, wooden boards, pipes and tubes.


Pallet or Box Storage.

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