Live Shelving

Live Shelving, also known as Carton Flow or Bin Flow System, is a highly efficient order picking solution with a high-density storage capacity. Designed as a bed of rollers on a slanted platform, this system lets gravity do most of the work. The goods are loaded from one end of the rack, and they automatically slide to the other (picking) end of the rack under the influence of gravity rollers.

Live Shelving allows great stock turnover as it follows First In First Out (FIFO) inventory principle which means that the products that are stored first will be the first ones to be picked up. This system is ideal for warehouses that need automatic inventory rotation. Since the loading and unloading happens at two separate ends of the rack, there are literally no interruptions in the order picking operations. This helps in swift preparation of orders on both ends.

By eliminating the need of intermediate aisles, Carton Flow system becomes exceptionally compact and space efficient which helps in saving up on costly floor space. Another remarkable feature of this storage system is that all references or SKUs are at the front end of the rack, which ultimately reduces the amount of time and errors in order picking and hence makes this system a very efficient one. Apart from this, Live Shelving is super flexible and adaptable and can be assisted with conveyors and Put to Light/Pick to Light systems for even better order picking efficiency. Put to Light is an automated system that sets off a light on a screen to help the user know how many units are to be deposited in which rack. Pick to Light is a similar system that helps the user know how many units are to be picked up from which rack. These automated systems help speed up the order preparation process by eliminating the need of paperwork.

Assembly line operations, production feed lines, distribution centres, mass consumption products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics prefer this system for boxes, cartons, totes and bins.

Main Features

It is designed primarily to incorporate rotation with shelving.

Minimised need of high-end material handling equipment, eliminates unnecessary internal transport and saves costs.

Removal of aisle space between shelves makes the system extremely storage compact.

Reduction in loading and unloading operation scales down the manpower necessary for operation.

Easy to integrate in any type of storage solution.

Can be customised to suit any requirement – for example; storage, intermediate warehouse or dispatch area.




Warehouses with wide SKUs that require fast stock rotation, for ex., warehouses with assembly lines & mass consumption products.


Warehouses with heterogeneous goods or goods that require low turnover.

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