QHSE Policy

Quality, Health, and Safety statement

With ambitions of becoming global leaders in warehousing, shelving, racking and structural works that embellish the infrastructure and building industry, Racks and Rollers does not stop short of the responsibilities it has to handle. The commitments of this company range way beyond the typical business strategies and solutions and the company is highly motivated to continuously improve their work ethics to help the people and the community foster a healthy and secure life; while the customers are rewarded with the best in class quality service and products that range from Warehousing, Storage, Consultation, Warehouse Automation and Intralogistics.


The 21st-century industrial life is laced with challenges involving safety. Racks and Rollers being the pioneers in this field, do not compromise with their safety measures but also maintain the supremacy in the quality of the products delivered.

The company being a benchmark in itself and widely known for delivering quality products and services in the field of Storage and Warehousing, Racks and Rollers is continuously striving in order to refine and redefine their operational efficiencies in the field of storage and warehousing, by performing in-depth analysis and simulation of the projects in hand. Directed towards its customers, Racks and Rollers believes in warranting them with complete satisfaction over the services and products they deliver.

A product that reeks of inferior quality would mean an escalation in the primary costs and also demands additional resources and time to resolve the issue. This would mean that the losses incurred by the company would result in both financial depletion as also squandering of the potential customers. Thus Racks and Rollers focuses on delivering quality products to their customers through the use of state of the art production facilities spanning in India and the Middle East, where the standard of the product is maintained by the use of stringent testing methods, quality control operations, and strict inspection techniques.

Racks and Rollers understands that an investment in quality is basically an investment to secure a bright future for the company. The efforts of the company have been recognized by the  ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certification.

Racks and Rollers ensures best practices for the design of warehouse system, and is complaint with the latest EN 15512 European compliance for design and commissioning of storage racks. Our team of well qualified engineers use the latest design methodologies for the design and analysis of the solutions.

Customer satisfaction is one of the utmost priorities that Racks and Rollers keep in the forefront to all its business and operation motives. The company toils hard not only to meet the customer requirements but to exceed their expectations.

Health and Safety

The impeccable quality of the products and services that Racks and Rollers deliver can be mostly attributed to its skilled workforce. Hence the issue of ensuring their safety is a major concern for the organization. Working in the industry exposes the workers to an array of health and safety risks. It is more pronounced in the factories where the workers have to deal with the heavy loads, machinery and electrical units and hence are prone to accidents originating from the absence or lack of prevention and precautionary measures.

To check all of these debacles, Racks and Rollers has adopted a strict health and safety policy and are certified for Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series OHSAS 18001:2007 certification

Health and Safety systems and processes have been established to identify the hazards and risks from various facets of the company operations and thus understand and put forward the suitable preventive measures. The systems are also involved in the seamless implementation of such preventive measures and it is made possible by planning, organizing, controlling, monitoring and reviewing the precautionary measures before they are executed.

Stringent control procedures are also adopted so that the preventive measures in place are checked and reviewed at regular intervals and thus their adequacy in preventing a hazard is certified. Moreover, the personnel present at or visiting the factories or other high-risk regions, namely the manufacturing staff, the office staff, and even the visitors; are provided with the required safety equipment and gear to ward off any unwelcome situations that involve loss of life.


Racks and Rollers is totally committed to minimizing the environmental impact of all its operations by adopting sustainable approaches that improve profitability, enhance performances, improves the stakeholder relations and guarantee innovation.

The infrastructure development industry has a considerable negative impact on the environment by intensifying the carbon footprints it leaves and catalyzing the ozone depletion. Racks and Rollers is bound to not compromise in its combative efforts to minimize the environmental and ecological decadence.

The company thoroughly understands the impact on the environment and the ecological systems and is thus committed to adopting sustainable means to minimize such impact. The workforce should also be tutored in eco-friendly practices and they are required to act in an environmentally responsible manner by the efficient usage of energy, water, and raw materials; therefore optimizing the natural resources.

Though the primary raw material that the company uses is Steel, which is one of the world’s most recycled resources, a few of the above-mentioned causes might inevitably generate toxic wastes. The company ensures that most of the waste materials are accepted back into reprocessing and are recycled, wherever possible. Eco-friendly technology is also utilized in order to negate the environmental impacts.

These constantly evolving environmental policies will herald in an age of industries with negligible environmental impacts. The sustainable practices, innovation and cutting edge eco-friendly technology have prompted Racks and Rollers to dwell harmoniously with the environment and their efforts in minimizing the negative ecological impacts have been recognized with ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Certification accreditation.

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