Bolts Free Shelving

Bolts Free Shelving is by far the best way to store anything and everything from your warehouse to your home. Any object of any size can be stored in these shelves. Ideally made for light duty products, this is a highly versatile storage solution that can fit in any type of space setting.

From light duty to medium duty loads, Bolts Free Shelving is available for all types of load storage requirements. Unlike long span shelving, this system does not require beams but instead consists of high-quality clips or fasteners that hold the shelves in place, which is why it is known as Bolts Free Shelving. The clips in the shelves are specially designed to provide stability to the structure and enhance the load bearing capacity by transferring the load to the upright columns.

This type of shelving is very economical and probably the best cost-efficient solution available for a wide spectrum of usage. Apart from being impressively versatile, Bolts Free shelving is also super easy to adjust. Multi-tier shelving can be created to utilize the unused vertical space and further increase the cost efficiency. Raised walkways can be easily installed and used to access the shelves placed at heights.

It is a highly organised way of storing and picking everything you need manually, without the help of machines, which is why many people use it in their homes, workshops, garages, stores and offices as well. The bolt-less configuration ensures that the system is quick and easy to assemble within minutes. The galvanised finish provides great protection from corrosion of the structure.

Bolts Free Shelving is undoubtedly an easy, simple, modular solution designed for industrial, commercial and personal use. It is also the most popular type of shelving system used extensively all over the world. It is also used to display items in some cases.

Available as MUTLI-TIER SYSTEM also

Racks and Rollers is equipped to provide Multi-Tier Bolts Free Shelving Systems with multiple flooring options.

Main Features

All small and medium sized products can be stored in Bolts Free Shelving.

Simple construction makes it a cost-effective solution.

The structure is simple, but very strong and durable.

Can be used in conjunction with multi-tier shelving structures.




Economical, simple storage of Light duty loads that require manual handling.


Heavy duty loads.

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