Supermarket Shelving

Used heavily by the retail-based business concerns or a supermarket chain, customized shelves called supermarket shelves are a necessity for proper merchandising. Basically, a freestanding fixture used by retailers to display merchandise, supermarket shelves typically feature a flat base with constituent elements like notches & pegboards. The vertical piece of structure can also be affixed to shelves, hooks or other displays. Thus helping merchants organize their products better. This also helps them a lot with visual merchandising of their products an element which is vital for retail success.

These shelving system are target at providing ergonomic solution, which help maximum utilization of space and improve visibility and lighting of the racks to induce a purchase. As they are cantilever shelves there are no shadows on the racks from the aisle. They can single sided or double side, arranged with walking and shopping aisle to maximise visibility. Merchandisers plan the area based on its adjustable so that the shelves can be generate maximum revenue for the given retail space available.

As a company which deals in supermarket shelving solutions. We provide both standard and customized storage solution for our clients. Our product range includes retail shop fixtures, supermarket racks, Gondola Racks and Shelves, Pharmacy racks, Grocery Racks, Display Racks, Check out counters, specialty racks, and many more related products. We produce the best in class supermarket shelving solutions. Our products are sturdy and made using the best raw materials. This makes them reliable with pretty long service life.

Main Features

Best ergonomic visual to induce purchase

Can be added or removed very easily

Commissioning of these is quick and easy

Very economic system for retail




All types of retail outlets.


Heavy loads and industrial applications.

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