Heavy Duty Shelving

Heavy duty shelving is a highly convenient and economical form of storage for all your different types of goods. Whether they are medium duty or heavy duty, whether they are palletized or non-palletized, all kinds of loads can be stored safely on heavy duty shelves. The shelves come in a variety of configurations and materials like wire mesh, perforated steel panels, and wooden planks to suit your load requirements properly. Multi-tier shelving is also possible in this system with the provision of walkways, stacker cranes or forklift trucks to access the higher levels of storage.

Heavy Duty Shelving makes remarkable use of the unused space at heights in warehouses. By saving costly and precious floor space it becomes a cost-effective storage solution for all your storage needs. The material can be easily stored or picked manually at lower level shelves while the stock at higher levels can be accessed with the assistance of MHEs. The structure of heavy-duty shelves is made of upright columns and beams that hold the load bearing shelves in place. The system is highly adjustable and yet sturdy enough for heavy duty loads. It also comes with many accessories that help you increase the efficiency of your storage and adapt the shelves to your specific load needs. The shelves are adjustable with a pitch of 50 mm and they are specially designed to accommodate all types of goods.

The system is not only easy to install but also equally easy to dismantle and relocate for use at another place. Ideally suited for storing goods of different sizes, Heavy Duty Shelves can help you store pallets at the top level and non-palletized goods at the lower levels. This system is based on person to product principle and is a preferred solution for smart and economical storage.

Main Features

Convenient for storing medium to heavy load goods in a multi-level system.

Low maintenance needs and great space utilization makes it a cost-effective option.
The shelves are adjustable to contain all kinds of loads.

Can be safely and easily dismantled, relocated and assembled.




Mixed storage of pallets and loose items.


Warehouses with palletised goods.

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