Pick / Put to light

Put to Light and Pick by Light are semi-automated systems specially designed to increase the speed and efficiency of your warehouse picking systems. For storage, Put to Light system is used and for retrieval, pick by light system is used. They consist of a light or lamp mounted at the face of every storage location. No matter what kind of racks/shelves you have installed in your warehouse, the PTL system seamlessly fits with any storage arrangement.

There is a control unit and a display unit in this system. The control unit is managed by a software with integrated network. The software manages all the SKUs and lights up the respective rack compartments to be picked. The LED display shows how many items need to be picked up.

The system features two buttons through which the user can change the number of items to be picked according to their availability. One of the advantages of this PTL system is the acknowledgement button that, when pressed, confirms that the items have been picked up successfully.

The Pick by Light system is similar to PTL system but instead of signalling about the storing of goods, it signals about the picking of goods. Both these systems are completely paperless and thus a must-have in today’s time. They optimise your picking/storing operations and hardly leave any room for errors that would otherwise be inevitable. Not only that, the PTL system saves a surprising amount of time and energy which are the most crucial resource for any business.

These semi-automated and high-quality systems come with multiple configuration settings so that you can use them in a way that best suits your business operations. saving time on person to person communication regarding picking process. PTL also saves manpower so that it can be put to a better use. All in all, these systems are highly productive, and they speed up the entire storage/retrieval process considerably.

Main Features

The use of electrical signals for ‘picking’ and ‘putting’ instructions eliminate the need of paperwork.

The semi-automated system includes signal lamps, display screens and acknowledgement button.

Fits all types of storage systems with ease.

The automated system speeds up the process and allows lesser room for human errors.




Warehouses with high intensity of store/pick operations.


Warehouses with low intensity of store/pick operations.

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