Multi-tier Shelving

A multi-tier shelving is a multi floor shelving that eliminates the need of a structural floor. It increases floor space and optimizes the storage capacity by utilizing the height of the building in concern. This shelving system provides a perfect solution to limited floor space. In normal circumstances, the spaces which are rendered useless are specifically used in this case, thereby amplifying the storage capacity.

A multi-tier shelving increase the storage capacity of the shelving in multi-folds by increasing the no of floor or access levels across the system. This is achieved by adding catwalk levels between racks which allow you to access all the shelving levels very ergonomically. These systems reduce the footprint area and increase the storage capacity of the shelving.

A perfect storage and warehousing solution for the areas which have high roof. The best part about our multi-tier shelving is the fact that it is very versatile and can be deployed from scratch quickly. It also has the ability to accommodate various other types of shelvings if need be. A perfect solution for automobile, apparel, pharmaceutical types of industries. Multi-tier shelving is scalable and pretty much affordable. Adding extension bays and creating more space is also a strong advantage with multi-tier shelving. The structure designed by us, in this case, is very sturdy and can handle day to day rigors of warehousing well.

We can choose form a variety of flooring options for the catwalks like metal grating, perforated decking planks, solid decking planks, chequered plates, cement composite boards, wood, plywood and MDF.

Enhancements that can be done with multi-tier shelving are many. Our storage systems can easily be calibrated with adjustable dividers, shelf bin fronts, provisions for garment hanging, plastic drawers, cupboard doors, filing cradles, and many more such attachments. In a nutshell, whatever the storage objective be, we have an efficient solution for it.

Multi-Tier Shelving can be configured for any type of shelving systems:

Main Features

High density storage using multi tier catwalks.

Savings on cost of space.

Reduces time for operations, hence increase the speed of putaway and picking.

Can add or remove racks very easily.

These systems can be deployed very fast when compared to conventional multi tier storage.




Warehouses with High number of SKU’s having Picking intensive operations and Replenishment Model Dispatches.


Warehouses with Bulk Storage and Heavy Products.

Multi-tier shelving provides storage space at multiple levels,Multi Tier Shelving System makes it easier for businesses to store more and increase the capacity of the warehouse. Racks and Rollers provides the best multi tier shelving storage solution in India

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