Mobile Pallet Racking

Combine the 100% stock accessibility of SPR and the storage compactness of drive-in pallet racking and you will get the remarkable Mobile Pallet Racking System.

Unlike the static SPR system, this type of racking has movable racks that slide laterally on rails to open up aisles as and when required. Imagine a conventional pallet racking system installed on a mobile base that creates collapsible aisles only when you need to access them. Thanks to this excellent dynamic feature, MPR doubles the storage capacity of the warehouse by eliminating the need of numerous fixed aisles which stay unused most of the time and end up swallowing half of the storage space.

Each shelf is installed on a mobile carriage resembling a racks-on-wheels kind of setup. The system can be manually controlled by a switch or can be controlled by a remote. It also comes with maximum security and safety features like emergency buttons, proximity sensors and safety barriers to ensure safe and productive operations. The shelves are similar to SPR in structure but are designed to be more rigid so as not to affect the pallets due to rack movement. Like SPR, this system does not require any special types of forklifts.

Although it is a compact, high density storage solution, MPR does not let you compromise on individual pallet accessibility. The whole system is electronically controlled enabling you to open and close aisles according to your needs and letting you store or retrieve any pallet directly without affecting the other ones.

MPR is aimed at maximising the use of storage space while keeping the whole pallet arrangement highly selective. It follows the FIFO inventory management principle and is ideal for heterogeneous goods. The reduced costs in floor space make this system a favourite for expensive storage facilities like cold storage installations.

Main Features

Aisles can be created on the spot and collapsed when not in use.


The mobile pallet racking system is operated by a remote control.


Diminishing the aisle space opens up an ultra-dense storage capacity.


The built-in safety measures such as safety barriers, emergency buttons and reset button are up to the standard and ensure smooth and safe warehouse operations.




Warehouses with expensive storage space and warehouses with wide range of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs).


Warehouses with limited number of SKUs.

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