An ideal solution to create more space in your warehouses is to make use of the extra overhead space by constructing Mezzanine floor system. It is an elevated floor space with access stairs, handrails, gates and even lifts. Mezzanine floor can be put to a single tier or multi-tier use to multiply space twofold or threefold respectively. It is by far the best way to take advantage of all the unused space at heights to create extra floor space without having to expand the warehouse. This new-found floor space can then be used for storage, offices, assembly lines, production, planning, or literally any other operation that you require.

Mezzanine is not only a multi-functional solution, but it is also unbelievably cost effective as compared to concrete structures. This is because it is extremely easy to install and uninstall. Once it fulfils its purpose in one area, you can easily dismount and assemble it in another area. The assembly of Mezzanine is clean, quick and does not interfere with other operations as no metal welding is required.

This floor system is highly versatile and adaptable. Because it comes with a variety of sizes, structures, load bearing capacities, floor types and add-ons, Mezzanine can be put to endless multi-functional uses. It comes with strong stairways and high-quality handrails. It is a completely secure way of multiplying your space that will not dig a hole in your pockets. It is true that the cost of using a Mezzanine floor system is way less than that of buying more floor space. The fact that it does not require a foundation and can be literally relocated anywhere without making a mess is what makes it a go to solution for anyone who wants more storage in a smart and economical way.

Main Features

Make the most of your space without having to expand.

Comes in different varieties of load bearing capacities, floor space, sizes, profiles etc.

Can be used for storage, office, assembly or anything else.

Quick and easy to install and remove.

Access stairs, handrails etc. are provided with the mezzanine floor system.




Areas where expansion of floor space is expensive or unavailable.


Special purpose warehouses.

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