Mezzanines and Warehouses


Installing a Mezzanine in your warehouse can really increase its worth. Whether you need some extra space or a little office/operational area. Going for a mezzanine would be the least intrusive modification that one can do to his warehouse. Mezzanine allows a warehouse to get some extra breathing space no matter how crammed up things are.

The biggest question that one needs to answer while considering adding mezzanine is

Do you have room for it?

As a warehouse manager or owner, you would certainly want to add some more space to the warehouse. It is a wise choice, as it would certainly boost the capacities of your setup. The crucial question here is, whether your warehouse has the space that would be required to set-up a mezzanine.

Installing mezzanine in most of the warehouses would be a breeze. It can be done easily. That’s why most of the racking and shelving companies have pre-designed mezzanine plans. The real skill and expertise of the racking solutions providers come in to picture in the warehouses which are short of space.

It all boils down to the Purpose!

The way a mezzanine is constructed will hugely depend on the objective. That in layman terms would be the purpose of installing a mezzanine in the first place. If you are looking to add an in-warehouse office then the design would be different. In this case, the design should be convenient enough to handle the load of the team as well as basic office fixtures and furniture. It should also have space for the easy movement of the team. Another scenario could be that you are looking to extend the storage capacities of the warehouse. For this many factors would come into play. Things like the load of the SKU, the quantity and other things have to be considered. The structure would have to be custom-built to match the requirements.

That’s where having a racking and shelving expert by your side will give you an advantage. There are certain things which can only be learned by experience. Providing concrete mezzanine solution is one of them. To know more about warehouse mezzanine solutions please feel free to connect with us. 


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