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We have mentioned before in other blog posts that purchasing real-estate for extending warehouse capacities is quite a feat in India. Firstly the land is pretty expensive to own, and secondly, it’s scarce. If you are planning to build a new warehouse, then these two elements would be your primary concern. The fact is that one has to buy land for constructing a warehouse. Another fact is that the choices you make while building a warehouse will have a profound impact on how much you gain from it.

Today we would be focusing on rack supported warehouses. This type of warehouse makes a lot of sense in the Indian context — our industrial areas as such crowded and full. Rack supported warehouse is one of the major warehousing solutions which can give one greater bang for the buck.

What is a Rack Supported Warehouse?

Rack supported warehouses are one of the most efficient warehouse design for limited spaces. Its construction allows for a highly efficient use of space. In a rack supported warehouse, a rack system is first constructed over a soft foundation. It’s not a conventional rack system. In this configuration, the rack is a very dense storage system. No space is wasted from floor to ceiling and even walls. Every space is converted into storage space. This makes this type of design very efficient. One more striking feature of rack supported warehouses is that they are comparatively cheaper to construct. A rack supported warehouse can be built really tall. Its design is such that it offers better strength over high wind conditions. So, if you are in an area that has adverse wind conditions or weather conditions, this is the warehouse you would want to have. Rack supported warehouses are really efficient and cheaper to build and operate. Perfect for Indian Commerical scape.

Capabilities of Rack Supported Warehouses?

Rack supported warehouses are pretty capable structures. They are strong and deliver maximum efficiency to anyone who chooses to get them built. Here are some of the highlighting capabilities of rack supported warehouses.

#1 Stronger Storage Solution 

Rack Supported warehouses are pretty strong. They have a strong core and withstand demanding storage needs. They are also pretty sturdy when it comes to countering weather conditions. Compared to other warehouse solutions, rack supported warehouses stand firm under stormy conditions.

#2 Its A Complete Racking System

Rack Supported Warehouses are a complete racking system in itself. Its default configuration covers all the logistic and storage solutions that one would require for proper warehouse operations.

#3 Maximum Space

This warehouse system used the complete vertical, horizontal, and even the wall space for storage. Hence giving the most efficient utilization of space under any configuration of the warehouse. This leads to better warehouse efficiencies under every possible workload.

#4 Minimal Footprint

Rack supported warehouses use minimum land for construction. This is when you compare the figure with the amount of storage space you need for your business. That means under every condition the cost of acquiring a rack supported warehouse will be affordable.

How Racks and Rollers Can Help You?

Racks and Rollers has a fair amount of experience in delivering highly efficient Rack Supported Warehouse Solutions. We provide the highest level of quality that too delivered within time and budgetary constraints. To date, we have consulted for 100’s of such warehouses. Our focus on your business objectives makes us the best partner for your warehousing needs. In case you need to know more, please click on the:

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