Application of Pallet Racking in eCommerce industry

Application of Pallet Racking in ecommerce industry

The present generation is more familiar and acclimatized with choosing and purchasing products online instead of visiting the corresponding stores. This activity of buying or selling products and services online or over the internet is a brand new evolution of the conventional process of commerce. Rather it can be termed as a bifurcation of the traditional commercial processes and transactions with the help of modern technologies like the internet. This whole chain of activities constitutes E-commerce, which is an abbreviation of Electronic Commerce.

Therefore it can be actually realized that the whole process includes the choice of goods online, then purchasing them afterward;  requires the intermediate storage or stockpiling of the goods as well as timely delivery of the goods to their predestined locations. The storage and stockpiling require warehousing operations and warehouse facilities whereas the shipping of goods, products or services purchased; to the customer requires warehouse logistics.

  • Pallet racking : The most common storage and retrieval system that has been employed in storage and warehousing facilities since time immemorial to date is known as Pallet Racking. Here the products are stacked and stored in horizontal pallets or skids, in multiple rows even. Pallet Racking coupled with Multiple Shelving units facilitates the warehousing functions by a great deal.
  • The importance of Pallet Racking in the E-commerce industry : The E-commerce industry is basically an online manifestation of a hoard and ship system. This is an industry that thrives on the idea where the prospective customers or buyers don’t have to visit the store and choose over a limited number of options for their needs. They have everything at their disposal, thanks to the internet. Online payment methods are conducive to immediate purchase options even. Doorstep delivery on or prior to the requisite delivery accentuates the customer satisfaction.

Therefore the E-commerce industry needs an almost flawless and efficient system that would manage the entirety of the operations as well as ensure customer satisfaction.

This would lead to the increased financial bottom line of all the companies involved in the e-commerce industry. Thus the generation of revenue would get invested in employing a lot of productivity across the industrial realm.

  • Where does Pallet Racking find its place here : 

Pallet Racking is highly mutable storage and retrieval system.

  • The Selective Pallet Racking is that particular kind of racking system that can be easily configured, reconfigured, disassembled, assembled, relocated according to the requirements of the warehouse. Selective Pallet Racking comes with adjustable Shelving systems that make good use of warehouse heights. This saves a lot of precious floor space meant for storage.
  • VNA or Very narrow aisle pallet racking systems are the ones that effectuate in the maximization of warehouse floor space. This is because they operate in narrow automated rails. This also improves the mobility of workers and devices inside the warehouse.
  • Gravity Pallet Racking systems utilize the slopes for high-density product transport whereas the Push Back Pallet Racking systems employ depth for storage options.

All of these above facts prove that the different forms of Pallet Racking augment the E-commerce industry in a lot of ways.

  • From easy storage and pick-up options, Pallet Racking systems are formed to provide extreme vigilance over the inventory. The automated systems now in practice allow for the complete visibility of the inventory in control. It thus helps for immediate stock replenishment as the storage units are always observed and under constant computation and enumeration.
  • Pallet Racking systems provide for manual and mechanized retrieval of goods, either in huge quantities or selectively. Hence the warehouse logistics are also improved by Pallet Racking Systems.

Till the despatch of the products to their pre-assigned locations which are also controlled by machines and are automated, Pallet Racking Systems are applicable in all sectors of the E-commerce industry. Therefore the applications of Pallet Racking are irrefutable in the E-commerce industry.


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