What is Heavy duty shelving

What is Heavy duty shelving

By now, people have already been familiar with the words racking and shelving. These are systems that augment the functionality and improve the operations of a warehouse, manufacturing unit or any other kind of storage facility.

Racking and Shelving systems vary according to the particular requirements: goods or products they are meant to be stored and then dispatched to their destined locations, the structures or spaces where they are erected, materials used for construction, budgets that have been fixed for their installation and operation; etc.

One of the forms of Shelving solutions that find common usage in different forms of industries and storage sectors is Heavy Duty Shelving. It is a multipurpose kind of shelving solution because it caters to a spectrum of requirements. 

  • The uniqueness of Heavy Duty Shelving: Heavy-duty shelving caters to a range of goods and products, which can be classified from medium to heavy on the basis of their weight. The goods can either be palletized or non-palletised, but it doesn’t matter for heavy-duty shelves as they are a perfect fit for all these kinds of materials.
  • Design point of view: The design of heavy-duty shelves is generally customisable, according to the loading requirements. The configurations and designs may vary based on the type of goods or products that are meant to be stored on the shelves.

Though the original construction is forged out of beams and upright columns for proper distribution of loads across the whole structure. There might be the presence of additional materials like wire meshing, perforated steel panels or wooden panels even, to bolster the load bearing capacity of the heavy duty shelves.

Multi-tier shelving is another system that can be coupled with heavy duty shelves. These increase the accessibility of the higher levels of storage in heavy duty shelves by employing walkways, stack cranes and even forklift trucks.

  • Benefits of using Heavy Duty Shelves : 

Heavy duty shelving is one of the most prodigious processes that is employed in racking and shelving solutions. There are numerous advantages associated with it, namely :

  • Considerable use of narrow spaces as well as heights in the warehouse or other facilities that usually remain unused. This would exempt the spaces for the better quantity of storage solutions and would thus increase the operational quality of the warehouses.
  • The above mentioned factor thus reduces the effective cost for all kinds of storage requirements.
  • Heavy duty shelves offer easy storage and pickups. Picking is actually conducive from the lower levels which contain non-palletised goods whereas storage or stowing away or stockpiling of palletized goods is common on the higher levels of the shelves. The pickings can be done employing manual labor, whereas the storage and associated functions are executed using mechanized devices.
  • Heavy-duty shelves are extremely hardy and are capable of sustaining huge loads. Often they are customized with accessories that increase their load-bearing capacity or other attributes that improve their shelving properties overall. 
  • Heavy-duty shelves are adaptable and adjustable to a variety of loading conditions.
  • Though they are extremely sturdy, heavy duty shelves can be easily reconfigured. They can be seamlessly dismantled and reassembled. 
  • Heavy duty shelves have the option of being relocated to different places or parts of the same warehouse according to the circumstantial needs. This makes them extremely portable.

Thus heavy duty shelving is one of the most economical as well as apt storage and retrieval solutions that can be employed for a spectrum of goods and products and finds its utility in a variety of industries and organizations.


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