Pulp Industry

Due to certain obligations in the contract we had with our client, we are unable to cite their name in this case study. Nonetheless, our client for this case study is a renowned manufacturer of pulp based juice beverage in India. It is clear, that a juice manufacturer like our client with such a large scale of manufacturing operation every day requires a storage solution which assists the cause. And it was just the right time for them to get that effective revamp done to their production line.

It is pretty obvious that a juice manufacturing plant of such massive scale has to process a number of processes all at the same time and if the plant is not equipped with the right type of storage solution which also has automation in it, then the plant is seriously lacking in something. Inspecting our client’s manufacturing plant we immediately decided to go with the drive-in racks of ours for the ripening chambers and our double deep pallet racks for extra storage. Our clients made sure that we don’t hamper their manufacturing operations by any means and also if there is a significant loss in production then the same loss would directly fall under our responsibility.

Solutions Rendered

As said earlier, the client of our’s here was a renowned juice manufacturer throughout our country and was in the pulp industry for quite some time. To us, everything that mattered was to provide them with such a modular storage solution that directly benefit them, with their manufacturing process and also reduce significant losses on rotten fruits due to poor and congested storage spaces. We had to first sketch a layout for the way we were going to arrange our Drive-in racks and automate them for the ripening chambers. At the same time, to increase more storage room in the plant we decided to install our double deep pallet racks which provide ultimate storage space at compact places.

End Result

1 Months

Turn Around Time


Investment per Facility


Value Enhancement
Practical Challenges
  • Logistics for the project was a daunting task for us to handle.
  • Temporary modifications to store the fruits were a must.
  • Other installations and arrangements had to be left unaltered and intact.
How We Dealt With Them

The storage system our client had in their manufacturing plant was fair enough. However, they weren’t fully capable of ripping the fruits which our Drive-in racks are just perfect for the purpose. To some extent, we had created a good impression under our client, and it was our time to prove ourselves to their desired expectations. We did absolutely a splendid job in bringing in both our drive-in racks along with pallet racks with automation for to and fro transportation within the plant.

Final Solution

Our drive-in racks along with pallet-racks were capable enough in providing what are our client was exactly looking for, they added more storage room and also made the entire ripening process easier by storing the fruits in such a nice fashion.

The reason we are sharing this case study with you all is if you are looking for a storage solution for your warehouse, manufacturing plant, or be it anything industrial we are a call away from providing you state of the art storage modification at the most cost-effective price.

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