According to the agreement we had with our client, we are unable to mention their name in this case study of ours. The case study which you are going to read today is about our collaboration with a renowned school in India. The school is well known among a lot of people in the country for its excellent academic performance and the discipline they engrave into their students.

It is usual for any school to have a well-equipped library with a decent amount of books in it. Also, the file room should be fitted with good archive storing facilities so that the files and other useful documents are always organized. In this case, the school had everything yet we found something to be missing compared to the storage solution we had in store for them. Hence a need for modification was a must and that too, it had to be done during the school hours.

Solutions Rendered

Our client being an educational institution has a prominent name among the other schools in the country. For a long time, they were looking for a modular storage solution which could level up the way their library looked and also a proper organization with the way they used to store their vital files. For us, it was of supreme priority to serve them with our best storage solution currently available during that time. We first sketched out the places where we would put up our Mobile shelves and then only proceded with the final installation.

End Result

6 Weeks

Turn Around Time


Investment per Facility


Value Enhancement
Practical Challenges
  • The installation had to be done during school hours.
  • Ideally, utilize the tight space available to us.
  • Had to make temporary storage arrangements during installation to keep valuable books, files, and journals in their proper shape.
How We Dealt With Them

The school’s library already was equipped with shelves which are nothing in comparison to the modification we were going to do with our mobile shelving storage system. Our client advised us to deliver them the best storage possible without compromising a bit on quality. On the other hand, we did the best we possibly could with our mobile shelving and racking systems. Also, the complete installation was done during school hours with absolutely zero disturbance caused to the students and the faculty. Moreover, we had to go through some modifications on our mobile shelves in order to make the best use of corners.

Final Solution

Our mobile shelving along with roller racking systems makes them ideally perfect for school libraries and other places where the same kind of storage requirement is needed. The removal of an aisle from every shelving unit gives more floor space which could be further used for storage. During the installation, we also did some modifications to our shelves in line to accommodate them in the space available. Apart from that we also ensured that our client didn’t have to bear the hassle of moving the relocated books to our finished shelves.

The reason we shared this case study on our website is for the ones who are looking for mobile shelves and racks for their library or office purpose in that case. Feel free to reach as no one understands industrial grade storage solution better than us.

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