Cold Storage

Owing to the contract obligations, citing the name of the client here is not possible. The brand whose case study we have cited here is India’s biggest OEM for the automotive sector. They serve not only the domestic markets but also the entire Asia-Pacific region.

With such a huge market catchment and even bigger demand for the products, it was quite obvious that storage and logistics was a constant battle for them. Already equipped with large warehouses, the client’s problem was unique and two-fold. They needed to revamp their existing storage setup and also wanted to create the new ones. All this without loss of productivity or pause in the supply chain. This was crucial as clients business was 24/7/365 types. The production facility never use to sleep, neither did the supply chain.

Solutions Rendered

The client was already into the business for 20+ years. Much older than us in terms of real-life business solutions. He knew his industry and our industry inside out. Hence if such a knowledgeable and experienced client was approaching us, then needless to say that we had to be overly cautious in serving him. As with any other client, we have to understand the issues that he was facing before rendering a solution.

End Result

10 Weeks

Turn Around Time


Investment per Facility

In-tune of 250 Cr Per annum

Value Enhancement
Practical Challenges
  • Existing infrastructure could not be disturbed a lot
  • Large Manpower Required
  • Logistics for construction was complicated
  • Makeshift storage had to be provided
How We Dealt With Them

The existing infrastructure of the client was pretty old. It was serving the purpose as of now but was somehow not optimally efficient. With the growth in business the client soon realized for him to be competitive in the market, he needed to boost his storage facility and logistics capability. The challenge in our hands was two-fold. Create something new & do not disturb the operations of the client even for a few hours.

On closer inspection of the clients existing facility, we were sure of one thing. We have to create a temporary makeshift arrangement while our team revamps the existing infrastructure. Since the existing storage unit of the client was 100000 sqft plus in most cases, we had to infuse some innovation.

One more point that needs to be mentioned here is that the client has a huge catalog expanding to 15000+ products and stocks of the same were also huge. This led us to finally zeroing in on a fusion of cantilever racking, Multi Tier Long Span Shelving & Drive In racking system for the client. The reason was simple, racks will go high, they will store a lot of products and there would be a very large variety of products that need to be transported and stored.

It all started with us building the makeshift storage facility, for this we had to construct a 50000 Sq Ft temporary storage facility which was just like the one we would construct inside. It took us 5 days to make it functional.Post which section wise dismantling and production of new racking system commenced. In a short span of 10 weeks the project was completed with zero downtime for the client.

Final Solution

The fusion of cantilever racking, Multi Tier Long Span Shelving and Drive-In racking solution provided. 10 weeks taken to complete the project with zero facility downtime for the client. That means the work never stopped even for an hour. It took us some design modifications and innovations to get the things done in a proper perspective, but in the end, all’s well that ends well.

The intent of this case study was to provide our site visitors with a glimpse of what’s possible with us. If there is a racking/bulk storage issue that your company is planning to solve then we are the solutions provider which will leave you completely satisfied.

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