Owing to certain contract obligations, citing the name of our client here won’t be possible from our side. The entire case study we’ve drafted here is our collaboration with India’s one of the premium manufacturer of Agarbatti (Incense Stick). They retail their product not only on the domestic markets but also export their products throughout the Asian countries.

With such an enormous market share and with an even larger demand for their product, it had been quite obvious that storage and supplying was an ongoing struggle for our client here. Already equipped with giant warehouses, the client’s downside was distinctive and mainly dealt around storage management. They required to revamp their existing storage setup and additionally needed to make newer arrangements. All this had to be done without any loss in productivity or even a suspension in the production chain. The same part was extremely important as our client’s business is almost round the year.

Solutions Rendered

The client of ours was already into the same business for over 25 years during the time we served them. Being quite older than us in terms of real-life business solutions, they knew their trade and somehow even knew ours. Therefore when such a renowned and premium brand approached us, we had to make sure to be excessively careful while serving them for the sake of their reputation in the market. Like our other clients, before rendering the perfect solution we had to grasp the problems that our client was facing in the first place.

End Result

3 Months

Turn Around Time


Investment per Facility


Value Enhancement
Practical Challenges
  • The manufacturing process had to be kept running while installing our modular storage solutions.
  • The workforce required for the installation was large.
  • The logistics involved in bringing in the construction material was troublesome.
  • Planning of storage for their packaging materials, required huge space.
  • Temporary storage arrangements to store the already produced Agarbathis had to be made.
How We Dealt With Them

In this case, the existing storage infrastructure wasn’t competent enough to support the load our client was looking for. The prevailing storage options in their manufacturing facility and warehouses were fine, however, in our terms wasn’t up to the mark, or to the standards of storage solution, we are capable of providing. Also, on the other hand, our client precisely knew our abilities and it was our time to show them a display of our competency. The entire revamp happened in front of their eyes. Where we also had to go through further modifications with certain pallet racks as advised by our client. Undoubtedly, our client had a happy face with the overall installation of our rack supported mezzanine.

Final Solution

The installation of the self-supporting system of our Rack Supported Mezzanine took almost 3 months to complete with the entire project. During the installation, there was absolutely no delay or inconvenience caused to the production. Which means that the business never stopped for even an hour. It made us go through some minute modifications and innovations to ensure the racks are fully capable of supporting the safe working load our client was looking for a long time.

The intent of this case study was to provide our website visitors with a glimpse of what we are capable of doing with our storage solutions. If there’s a racking or bulk storage solution you are looking for, then our solutions are going to solve all the worries you have concerning massive storage battles.

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