Owing to several unavoidable circumstances we are unable to cite the client name in here. However, the company we have worked with here is one of the most prominent names across the Aerospace OEM manufacturing industry. The production warehouse along with their vast array of commercial spare parts manufacturing has an extensive network of domestic and international clients under their belt including the likes of Boeing and Airbus.

With such a massive scale of spare parts production for flights, it is clear that maintaining an inventory becomes quite a daunting task for them to handle in order to keep up with their tight schedule of bulk quantity production each day. Here all we could do is help the site engineers to upgrade their warehouse and workshop facilities with a more organized storage solution. We mutually decided to go with the Multi-Tier shelving and Pallet racking with bottom shelving where the same will add more room for storage in their production houses. Also, we had to get all these done without causing any delay in manufacturing operations. There are people working in shifts 24*7 in the warehouse to monitor the quality of the product manufactured.

Solutions Rendered

The client we worked with here is in the business of commercial spare parts manufacturing for renowned flight manufacturers and that too for quite sometime now, and to us, their reputation mattered more than anything. In the practical aspect, the client had more experience than us in terms of numbers and figures and to some extent, they knew our industry as well. As they were already sound enough to understand what they were looking for actually, it is needless to say that we did our part to execute the installation of shelving and racking within the given deadline. However, any industrial solution has to go through a few initial challenges, and the case was no different here.

End Result

2 Months

Turn Around Time


Investment per Facility

In-tune of 50 Cr Per annum

Value Enhancement
Practical Challenges
  • There was no way we could hamper with the other installations already there in the manufacturing plant.
  • A comprehensive workforce was required in order to deliver our solutions without causing any delay in our client’s manufacturing operations.
  • The transportation was also quite a big task to achieve.
  • Temporary storage arrangements were provided during the revamping process.
How We Dealt With Them

In this case, the existing infrastructure was not competent enough to support the purpose our client was looking for. The existing storage solution they had in their manufacturing facilities was fine, but in our terms wasn’t up to the mark comparing to the standards of storage solution we were going to deliver them. Also, on the other hand, our client exactly knew what we were capable of delivering, and it was now their time to wait and watch the entire revamp process happening in front of their eyes. While we made sure to bring a smile in their face with the installation of our multi-tier shelving and pallet racking with bottom shelving solution which at the end of the day turned out to be the exact storage solution they were looking for quite some time now.

Final Solution

The fully adjustable long-span multi-tier shelving made sure that there was enough room for storage along with the convenience of moving around materials to and fro from the assembly line. The entire revamp process including the installation and the initial load testing of the shelves, took us almost a couple of months to complete. Additionally, we also had to go through a few design modifications so that maintaining an inventory of raw materials becomes easier for our client along with the proper management of all the scrap materials that need to be sent back to the supplier with the installation of bottom shelving, and all these were achieved without hampering the manufacturing operations of our client.

The purpose of sharing this case study was to provide people looking for industrial storage solutions to understand what we have in store for them. So, if you are in search of a storage solution like no other for a quite long time now then feel free to contact a booking with us and rest assured we will make sure to take over from there.

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