Know all about Longspan shelving


Know all about Longspan shelving :

Longspan shelving is one of the innate racking and shelving operations that are basic to storage and retrieval tools that support warehouse operations. Being the most suitable racking and shelving solution for goods that occupy great volume but belong to the light to a middle-lightweight category, long-span shelving finds tremendous utility in the auto, apparel as well as engineering sectors.

Effective usage of various warehouse heights :

Longspan shelving system can be said to have been specifically designed keeping those warehouses in mind where the goods or products are deposited as well as retrieved employing a manual taskforce, from the shelves. But this kind of manual or hand loaded shelving is generally for low-level goods or products.

In the case of high-level products or materials, the accessibility to the higher levels of the warehouse can be warranted mechanically. The deployment of mechanical devices that lift the operator to the required height like the order picking forklift trucks or stacker cranes, can be done and hence proves the ease of configuration for long span shelving. Thus it can be said that longspan shelving systems target the heights instead of length or breadth of the warehouse for storage and picking.

Adaptability :

Longspan shelving can thus be said to be extremely suitable for all kinds of warehouses and storage spaces as well as other office environments. Longspan shelving is the kind of storage and retrieval system that adapts and evolves along with the change in requirements of the warehousing authorities with time.

Design :

The design of long span shelving systems is extremely modernized keeping the current reach of warehouse operations in mind. Longspan shelving systems can be designed by imbibing different sizes for beams and frames and thus tailoring the system to the exact purpose it should be serving. The design of long span shelves is very straightforward and is extremely adjustable and adaptable; it can be reconfigured, disassembled and reassembled according to the priority of the requirements.

Medium and long span bays can be assembled in the same specific rack and a bolt-free, lock-in system ensures the maintenance of the constant position of the support beam. 

The unique design of long-span shelving renders it effectively compatible with different types of decking like steel decking, wooden decking, mesh decking, etc and thus offer multiple decking levels with each level being equipped with compartments that cater to customer requirements.

Special designs for cold storages or warehouses operating at controlled temperatures are also possible for a long span shelving system.

Various kinds of walkaways can be furnished additionally; like steel panels, perforated panels, wooden panels, gratings, etc; which improve the mobility of goods as well as workers across these shelves.

The design of long span shelving is especially handy because it offers multiple options of suitable material handling equipment which can be integrated with the system and cater to various tiers and accessory components. These can range from chutes which are inclined planes providing a guided passageway for unidirectional load transport operating under the action of gravity; to freight lifts or vertical reciprocating conveyors which are a safe, sound, easy and extremely cost-effective way of seamless transport of materials from a particular elevation to another.

Longspan shelvings can also have earthquake-resistant designs for a warehouse which may be situated in a highly active seismic zone.

Serving both storage and retrieval operations as one :

It is a common practice for workers to establish a mixed warehouse consisting of picking and palletizing. Thus the top of the long span shelves is generally used for storing palletized reserve whereas the bottom of the shelves is used for picking of light to medium products.

The long span shelves serve smoothly for different load levels which are completely adjustable.

Cost-effective :

Longspan shelving systems are the most suitable systems for different product types and split turnover. The above-mentioned factors only bolster the cost-effectiveness of long-span shelving in warehousing operations which far exceeds other racking and shelving options in terms of functionality and fluidity.


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