How can robots contribute to the improvement of warehousing operations


The warehousing scenario has transformed since the last century and the transformation continues by leaps and bounds. That which was looked upon as simple storage and stockpiling option, and was called a godown, has gradually grown in functionality and has become an indispensable part of the supply chain and logistics industry.

How automation is modifying the essence of warehousing : 

Integration of automation in warehousing operations has enhanced its usage and this continually growing mechanisation is affecting the warehousing industry to a huge extent. Warehousing authorities are not considering the reduction of storage costs and warehouse maintenance as their priorities. Instead, they are looking to augment the services provided by these warehouses and are regarding these warehouse spaces as assets rather than liabilities.

Robotics and their assimilation in developing warehousing operations : 

It has already been established that automation is the need of the hour when warehousing operations are considered. Assimilation of robots in essential warehouse functions streamlines a lot of operations and does away with the requirement of human labour. Humans and machines working in synergy at every point of the supply chain reduce the labor intensive nature of the industry to some extent. The future of warehousing lies in the integration of robotics in essential operations. 

Advantages of Robotics in warehousing : 

The advantages of Robotics is immense as it can simplify a massive amount of warehouse operations. These can be summarised below. 

  • Integrating robots in essential operations reduces the labour costs 
  • Robots help in improving the efficiency
  • Integrating robots results in minimal processing errors in necessary warehouse functions 
  • The mobility of goods across the warehouse and the supply chain is improved to a great extent 
  • Labour intensive and tedious tasks are simplified by the use of automated robots 
  • Human resources can be utilised in more complex tasks 
  • Integration of robotics reduces workplace technologies 
  • Assimilating robotics in the essential operations gives the warehousing business a competitive edge over the others.

Importance of Robotics in all kinds of warehousing businesses :

It is evident that large warehousing businesses can apply the use of robots in their essential operations and ease these operations out. The growth of robotics has been tremendous since the last decade. The robotic industry is evolving at a rapid pace and simultaneously these robots are being absorbed in the important functions of various industries. Industrial estimates exhibit a surprising data. As of 2017, Amazon has around 100,000 robots which are successfully functioning in various warehouses across the world.

Warehouse technology is extremely important for small warehouses and warehousing businesses as it is for the large ones. Adopting robots in their functions imply that these businesses can perform and achieve more activities with less machinery and lower number of human workforce. Another benefit of robotics is that addition of robots in warehouse functions does not mean that the warehouse should be redesigned. The growth of the robotics industry and the subsequent lowering of price is leading every kind of warehousing business to adopt these in their staple functions and paving the way for the future of warehousing.


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