Storage Technologies and Automation

Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking System allows the storage of a wide range of products with easy access. Conventional is a "Classic" of the storage solutions. Racking installation with broad aisles is the most common solution for storage. Stocking is done with forklifts, reach trucks, front stackers, stacker cranes or order picking trucks. Conventional racking can also be realized as a narrow aisle installation. In this case, loading and picking is mostly done by rail-guided or wire-guided specialist trucks. When storing a large number of pallets, double-depth racks can be installed, enabling one pallet to be placed in front of another on each side of the aisle.

Conventional Racking has a flexible usage area with its adjustable beams for storing pallets and metal boxes. With our specially designed beams you can store the maximum amount of pallets or boxes based on your warehouse dimensions. Aisle of pallet racking is depend on the MHE used for access the material.

Types of Pallet Racking

  • Conventional Pallet Racking
  • Double Deep Pallet Racking
  • Very Narrow Aisle (VNA)
  • ASRS Racking