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Steel Mezzanine Floors enables you to maximize the utility of the working height of your space to its optimum level. This can be achieved by doubling or tripling the surface area, using various options with flooring that match your requirements. These can be designed for office spaces, packing areas, changing rooms, storage areas and various combinations.

Advantages of Steel Mezzanine Floors

  • They increase your floor area, in your existing space.
  • They are quick, clean and easy to install.
  • They can be disassembled, moved and re-assembled at another location and can also be increased or decreased in size to suit your future needs.
  • The custom design and manufacturing of these floors and the range of flooring types and load-carrying capacities allows us to meet specific customer needs.

Mezzanines can also carry racking and shelving systems on them. Railing and access stairs are designed and installed as part of our Mezzanine Floors. They can be made in as many tiers as the per specific customer needs.

Types of Mezzanine Flooring

You can choose from a variety of options based upon type of load, work, pallet jacks, ventilation, etc.

  • Chipboard (Wooden)
  • Slotted and Galvanized floor
  • Slotted and perforated galvanized floor
  • Metal Grating.
  • Concrete Flooring

We have specially designed Galvanised Mezzanine Floor decking (Code : MF-02) for the movement of Trolleys. There are distinct advantages of the flooring compared to the Normal Mezzanine (Big Slots) Decking.